2014- New Academia Publishing
2014- New Academia Publishing

2014-Cinema Unchained. The films of Quentin Tarantino


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Book Review-New Academia Publishing
Book Review-New Academia Publishing
The book is structured as a detective story on Tarantino’s Movie. It traces the lines and the relationships among movie, music, literature, theatre and language codes from the Nineties to today. It supplied with photos and some new anecdotes by special  guests as Enzo G. Castellari (director), The Millionaire (Combustible Edison band), Bo Svenson (Tha Preacher in Kill Bill), Umberto Smaila (musicien), Andrea G. Pinketts (writer), Renato Venturelli and Giampiero Frasca (film critics), Luca Aimeri (script consultant).
The book is one the official “Movie History and Critic” hand book at “L’Orientale” University of Naples.
C.L.I. (Club Letterario Italiano) National Prize as the best contemporary essay.